SSND brand affordable "cheap fashion"

Founded in 2008, Guangzhou Fusheng Garments Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates garment design, production, sales and brand management with rich operation and management concepts and profound operation background after years of practice. The company launched the "SSND" fashion casual women's brand in 2008 with its inclusive strategic thinking and precise market positioning, while at the same time it feels that the fashion industry is superior to the general public. Therefore, it is determined to popularize the fashion and position the SSND brand as a mass buy Affordable "cheap fashion."


SSND品牌大众买 得起的“平价时装 ”

Business philosophy: Honesty modest, committed to innovation, casting continued.
Corporate mission: continue to create customer satisfaction.

Style Positioning: Adhering to the rational, simple, casual, stylish design, with world-class design, good at color with creative, focus on texture,
Attention to detail, exquisite material and tailoring process, the pursuit of natural casual, aesthetic elegance full of modern fashion beauty.
Consumer groups: 25-35-year-old intellectual, fashionable women, closely follow the social trends, in all areas of their own survival, perseverance and perfection.
Target consumer layer: 25-30 years old as the core consumer layer
Target consumer psychology: Experience the pressure of life and work, care leisure, comfort, and strive for the release of the inner self.
Living conditions: emphasis on self, but also attach importance to the evaluation of society, I hope I have a simple and natural way of life, eager to get rid of tradition, to create their own life.
Consumer culture: pay attention to "form and God combine" that both require appearance to meet their popular aesthetic, focus on quality.

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