Gold figure show underwear distinctive fashion European style

As one of the most famous underwear brands under the flagship, the gold figure show uphold and followed the golden figure of the best production technology and from the top of Europe's design philosophy, first-class quality, comfortable and beautiful shape, distinctive fashion personality, pure European style.


In the first 15 years, the golden figure has set up numerous sales networks in various provinces of China and achieved a high reputation. Among the large number of consumers, it has also created considerable favor and reputation. At present, it has more than 1,800 outlets of various types, including specialty shops, combination shops, counters, shops and shops, and has been fully recognized by the market and the female groups.


In order to meet the market demand for a deeper level of gold products, while leading business partners to get rid of the current vicious competition environment, the golden figure resolutely choose business model transformation, brand architecture upgrade. That is, from the current single goods, the loose type of trading cooperation into a brand-sharing cooperation. When the good industry more than 20 years of market operation and management experience, will make the gold body show that inherently has a strong anti-risk ability, single store profitability will be very high protection.

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