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"Big-eyed frog" since its inception, always leading the taste of fashion consumption, leading the children's fashion trends! "Big-eyed frog" children's clothing inspired by the street fashion culture in the United States, with the United States avant-garde street culture, independent, confident personality, but also fully demonstrated the fashion, trendy and have their own beliefs of children's personality, the brand has a unique Cultural background and strong vitality. In addition to the fashion design elements that follow the trend of the United States, the big-eyed frog also cleverly integrates the oriental unique cultural heritage to create a unique brand taste that is in line with the aesthetic fashion of Chinese children. Product competitiveness has been a strong guarantee! The essence of the competitiveness of enterprises ultimately depends on the product. We have a timely and keen grasp of the world's children's clothing trend of the professional design team to ensure that the "big eye frog" brand leading children's fashion pre-popular station. Quarterly creation introduced 200 kinds of "big eye frog" children's wear, fashion design style, full of personality, fabric environmental protection, comfortable to wear. Its smooth lines and perfect creativity, grasp the trend of design, material quality and rigorous process requirements, all reflect the profound understanding of children and considerate. As one of the famous children's wear brands, "Big-eyed Frog" children's wear products surveyed the industry trend vane. Now with its "classic" avant-garde, eclectic, diverse, creative and multi-style with the brand style, a vivid interpretation of the children's sophisticated, avant-garde, stylish modern life, put on the big frog, let your child Different!

Metal Coin

We are specialized in all kinds of custom Metal Coin, like Proof Coin, Trolley Coin. Just send us your minds and logo; then we could make the goods based on it. The metal material could be zinc alloy, copper, brass, aluminum, iron and plastic. It is for souvenir and decoration. There is several plating color in our chart, such as real gold, imitation gold, misty gold, antique gold, silver/antique silver/misty silver/brass/misty brass/antique brass/copper/misty copper/antique brass/nickel/misty nickel/antique nickel/black nickel/chrome. For the Metal Coin`sdesign, could by 2D/3D, on double sides or single side. Also print logo on it can be done, sometimes it will with epoxy together, to protect it will not that easy to follow.


1)   What we can do for you?

Free stocked samples offered

Free design by out own artist

Free molding charge by 5000 pcs confirmed, keep molding free for two years


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Fast process speed

OEM design could be done

You will be our best friends but not only a client

Metal Coin

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