Some new stamps plunged 50%

"The first round of the first two years of the Chinese zodiac speculation is more severe, this year's decline is also relatively large, but most of the "Old" special varieties but not a small decline, has been slow-moving trend." Recently, Shanghai's largest currency card market Lu Gong, an owner of the stamp on condition of anonymity, told reporters that after half a year's fall, the current price of some new stamps and new products has fallen by more than 50% from its high level. As for when the bottom can be reached, the stall owner Frankly, he could not predict what would happen in the future, but he believed that "as long as the macro environment is getting better, the market will soon come up."

Mr. Zhang, a stamp investor recognized by Lugong, told reporters that he has been investing in stamp collections for over ten years. He really made a lot of money. In recent years, especially in the past year, most of the stamp varieties he bought have gone through soaring. The trend. The stamps he bought on the Lunar New Year are three or five times higher for most species, and some varieties have risen as much as 10 times. However, the varieties that had risen fiercely last year have also fallen fierce this year, and many varieties have fallen more than 50%.

"You fell so much. See you still very easy?" The reporter could not help but worry for him, Mr. Zhang smiled and said: "10 yuan tickets rose 5 times to 50 yuan, this year fell 50%, which is 25 yuan Compared with my buying price, it has increased by two and a half times. You said I am not afraid?” However, Mr. Zhang also said that these new products and new products are indeed higher than the “old” products he had bought before. Not as comfortable as the former. The so-called "Old Ladies" is the abbreviation of the commemorative stamps and special stamps issued early on. In this round of major sell-offs, the “Old” breed has not seen a significant decline. For example, in the first edition of the monkey ticket issued in 1980, the highest price ever reached 12,300 yuan, and the latest price is now 11,600 yuan, which is less than 6% this year.

Everyone has different feelings about the market's risks and bittersweetness. The face value of 7.2 yuan Guan Gong small version, the highest price reached nearly 80 yuan, but now the price has dropped to 58 yuan. At the beginning of the release, the "Xin Hai **", which was massive, was reduced from the original 34 yuan to about 18 yuan and was almost smashed. The above-mentioned stamp holders told reporters that the “Old” breed is relatively stable and basically does not fluctuate significantly, and the real earners still rely on these varieties. He calculated an account for the reporter. The issuing price of the monkey ticket issued in 1980 was 8 cents. Now the market price is 11,600 yuan. The price in 30 years has increased by 145,000 times. If you calculate by days, you can turn over 13 times per day. .

At the same time, "Old" specialties continue to shoot high prices. Recently, at the China Guardian Fall Auction 2013 Coins Bronze Mirror auction in China, a "National Shanhe Red" stamp and the "Blue Army Mail" all shot the highest prices in history. The former has a face value of 8 points, and it trades for 1.5525 million yuan, while the latter loses about 7.725 million yuan.

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