Hold your wallet, don't get lost in your eyes

Hold your wallet, don't get lost in your eyes The Spring Festival is approaching. Discount advertisements in major shopping malls are overwhelming: Did you miss the "double eleven"? It does not matter, another "double twelve"; still not fun? It does not matter, but also the Spring Festival. Hey, whether it is the roadside eye-catching discount advertisements, or the screams of shopkeepers rushing to buy when they pass through the clothing store, all of us passing through are ready to go, and we cannot bear to miss it.

Buy two get one free; buy one get one free; one 70 percent discount, two six percent discount; every two hundred minus one hundred and so on, such discounts always make us tempted. There are many temptations to discount clothes, but as consumers, they must also be given a false suspicion, which is worthy of the temptation of low discounts.

To find out that many consumers reflect the original price, the garment is even less expensive than the tag price it had seen before. Look at the tag price at this time, which is far higher than the price of the tag before. The original tag will change its face. ? Indeed, the holiday season is a great time for shopping malls to promote clearance. Some merchants try to attract customers with low discounts and increase sales, but at the same time they must also ensure profits. This will allow the tag to change its face. Many consumers have such experience, seeing as little as a discount of shopping mall advertising rushed to Taobao, can only find a look, an ordinary coat, tag price can be marked to three or four thousand, even if A discount does not feel affordable.

To see the quality of ordinary office workers have such an experience: fancy a dress, the price can be prohibitive, thinking about waiting for the holiday season to buy it, you can save a few hundred. Can finally wait until the discount when rushed to scouring his beloved Yiyi, a closer look to find that his beloved clothing and fabric feel and sales are not the same as when the regular sale, do shopping malls shoddy?

After investigation, a gentleman who has done many years of clothing agency business revealed that during the season, some merchants do indeed mix some of the products produced by labeling with genuine products to ensure the profits under low discounts.

To find out if you need to be aware that many consumers are always blindfolded by low discounts, or to buy one-for-one and two-for-one promotions, in order to buy the clothes they want, they simply pick up the clothes they give. Figure psychological comfort. Afterwards, it was discovered that the gifts presented themselves could not be worn at all or they could not be matched with ready-made clothes. If they were to wear, they would have to spend more money and time to select clothes that could be matched. If they lost, they felt pity. It was helpless.

Here I would like to remind everyone to love the "crawling" crush: Although discounted clothes can save a sum of money, but in the frenzy of the discount not only lost his eyes with low discount, thus ignoring the clothes tag price, quality, And their real needs.

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