New Year 2012 spring and summer Kaifuaiai feel "love season"

Kaoru Nye children 2012 spring and summer grand public, this, Kaoru Nye children into the 2012 international apparel pop elements, the "season of love" as the theme. With a professional match, the funds show full of 2012 fashion elements, showing the modern fashion women elegant and distinctive temperament.

vanneal "originated in Hong Kong, the white-collar family who expressed romance, elegance and fashion personality; with free combination and romantic color; pursued the simple and fashionable design style; high quality fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship reflected" vanneal " Unique fashion concept.

Vanneal combines the latest European fashion elements, attention to detail changes and the effect of the whole break, the design style with stylish, elegant expression of the perfect packaging for urban women, fully demonstrates the charm and confidence of modern women, simple design, elegant chic The details of the changes, elegant fabrics, exquisite tailoring work, more suitable for modern fashion women's needs and cultural taste.

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