Laughing children happy laugh into the countless warm home

"Sourire laughter laughter" is Shenzhen Ruimin Investment and Development Co., Ltd. has full ownership of the children's clothing brand. "Sourire" brand was born in the global fashion capital - Paris, France, the French word for "cheers, laughter." After the "sourire" brand entered China, the symbol of festive celebration in Chinese culture - fish as an important element of the brand logo and the name of "Happy Laughing Fish" as a cordial and joyful Chinese name, became the epitome of French fashion and Chinese culture Unique first-class children's wear brand, but also the first "Member lifelong system" of children's wear brand. Laughing fish children's clothing 2012 spring and summer new products "sourire cheer laugh fish" brand owner and operator - Shenzhen Ruimin Investment and Development Co., Ltd., was established on August 18, 2007, is the design, production, sales and service in One of the brand clothing company. Ruimin company's design team by the famous French designers as design director, domestic designers also regularly carefully training and abroad to ensure that the design of the Swiss has always been blending the forefront of international design concepts and the latest trend of Oration. Ruimin company also owns a young marketing team, with many years of combat experience and advanced management concepts, a collection of well-known children's clothing brand in all areas of the elite, and the successful sales case based. Laughing children laugh 2012 spring and summer new products "sourire laughter laughter" children's clothing brand located in the 3-15 year-old new generation of children, pay attention to comfort, environmental protection, user-friendly design, the company is committed to providing children with the most healthy and comfortable children's clothing, " Sourire "products are more natural cotton, linen, wool and other comfortable fabrics, to ensure that every piece of clothing to children's natural health care. Laughter laughing fish 2012 spring and summer new "sourire" products T-shirts, shirts, vests, jackets, skirts, pants, jeans, sports, jackets, cotton, feather, bags, stationery, accessories, dolls, etc. Category, will be a new image, a unified price, first-class service, excellent management, the joy of bringing countless warm home, become the forefront of brave children's clothing brand.

Pearls are the most famous treasures in ancient of China, Pearl Earrings as a noble jewelry favored by people. The pearl Earrings are symbol of identity, and also can satisfy people's desire for holding valuable treasure.
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