Golden figure 2012 new underwear 3.8 Women's Day big gift

Care for health • bloom beautiful! February 25, 2012 - March 10, 2012 3.8 During the Women's Day, you will be able to participate in the following activities when you show the national chain stores in the golden stage .


First, try on courtesy: Trying on the store try to send a pair of female socks.

Second, the purchase polite: Non-member who went to the store to buy the whole show golden figure show full 168 yuan gift box gift box two ladies underwear.

Third, members courteous: Members to the store in addition to continue to enjoy 8.8% discount, the purchase of gold section of the show full of 168 yuan product that is sent to the gift box two ladies underwear.

Fourth, birthday polite: Any customers on the March 8 birthday, ID card holders can receive a pair of beautiful women's socks and a free membership card.

黄金身段2012新款内衣 3.8妇女节好礼大放送

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