Japan handbags brand AVECELLE Enfei Ke upcoming 2012 Beijing CHIC

Booth No .: E608 Date: March 26-29, 2012 Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall - 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing) Dream Nabiya Co., Ltd. Japan Head Office Address: 1-9-4, Ebisu, Ebisu, Shibuya 3F, Hasegawa Power Building Established: July 25, 2001 Dongguan Company Address: Changan Tong Management District, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City Established: 2004 Number of employees: 500 About the main brand: MOPO / AVECELLE The main push brand: AVECELLE AVECELLE brand design concept, brand interpretation AVECELLE Chinese Name: 恩菲柯科 AVECELLE in 2004 by Japan MONOPIA Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan's Professional clothing brand. AVECELLE, French (with her). AVECELLE, to undertake the happiness, the European and American fashion and Japan and South Korea meticulous delicate fusion, its unique design style just right, not exaggerated, not contrived, but know how to show their different perspectives on different occasions female charm. Let every woman who pursues a relentless pursuit of beauty in the United States is more dazzling and brilliant. Product Style, Features Introduction Elegant, stylish, classic, delicate, intellectual, healthy. Eclectic design, quality excellence, classic style is the pursuit of AVECELLE; unlimited perfect, infinite sophistication, and strive to create a classic AVECELLE women's clothing brand; AVECELLE brand leading consumer groups positioned in the 25-35 years old Fashion urban white-collar workers who are intelligent and wise in their workplaces and lovely and stylish in their lives. They have stable economic income and are the backbone of family and society. They have keen insight into fashion and have a high aesthetic Standards and requirements; their pursuit of fashion, the more the pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of self-charismatic display and the realization of self-worth, is the leader in fashion; mainly cowhide, additional sheepskin, cotton, the main price positioning in 2000-3000 yuan.

The start of making women's indoor slippers is that, our clients who want sheepskin slippers also want something much cheaper but still keep good looking and shape.

However, we found most of women's indoor slippers factory make the paper patterns of the slippers without a last! That's way the shape not that good. So our developing team start to make our own women's indoor slippers. Each indoor slipper, we still use traditional way, make the paper patterns based on the shoe last, then make trying samples, adjust, remake etc till it has a goods shape.

We hope our clients , end customers, could wearing a pair of beautiful cosy indoor slippers at home.

Women's Indoor Slipper

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