Kailunbao 2012 new home service to enjoy the fashion from the Nordic atmosphere

Many Chinese consumers like European and American fashion brands, but they are discouraged because of high prices. If you have a Nordic fashion brand and enjoy the price of Chinese consumption, would you like to have it? There is nothing wrong with this, Fashion underwear brand Karen Fort - KRLLOBO, together to enjoy it.

Impression of northern Europe, ice smart, distant Nordic countries, cool air, peace of mind and peace, the whole day and nature, the nervous space to be simplified release; fairy tale kingdom of the fads of the Nordic clothing culture flock to the earth , Combined with the clever integration of modern clothing elements, antipasture, arouse the modern urban people advocating the rhythm of the original flavor and the pursuit of simple and elegant fashion modern life, so that modern urban people in home life to be able to stretch and breathe freely.

-KRLLOBO has five major product lines: exquisite Mei Mei, fashion taste, leisure and sports, fashion men, quality home, rich product line is also the preferred brand of underwear joining agents.

凱倫堡2012新款家居服 享受来自北欧的时尚气息

凱倫堡2012新款家居服 享受来自北欧的时尚气息

凱倫堡2012新款家居服 享受来自北欧的时尚气息

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